Experts in accounting and preparing tax returns for non-resident landlords in the UK!

Are you a non-resident landlord living in the UK? The twisted compliances regarding double taxation and bookkeeping, especially for non-resident landlord schemes of HMRC. The processes can eat away at your peace. You may remain stuck in handling the multiple compliances of your home country and the UK badly affecting your primary business as a consequence. Let us robustly deal with your taxation requirements with our upbeat services.

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Get your self-assessment and HMRC corporation tax return by the Landlord's Accountant!

Crawley’s Best Tax Accountants For The Non-resident Landlord Scheme.


Gatwick Accountant’s service suite for non-resident landlords!

Our accounting and tax practitioners offer suitable offerings in various realms of finance, tax, and accounting. We believe in deploying an all-inclusive fiscal consultation for our clients to prevent them from the hassle of seeking multiple types of professionals for different monetary domains. Discover some of our fundamental services:

Our team shall advise you regarding the registrations that you should undertake for staying compliant and gaining necessary benefits. We help you in registering with relevant tax authorities and for the non-resident landlords (NRL) scheme in the UK.

We offer consultancy for non-resident landlords tax scheme,  capital gains tax and other applicable taxes. You find savvy support to manage your regular return filings and tax payments.

Even a single notice or query from HMRC can be a source of worry for anyone. Our professionals understand the ins and outs of HMRC compliance and can deal with their inquisitions efficiently by contacting to UK government officials.

We do not want you to lose your sanity on basic aspects like bookkeeping. Gatwick Accountant can handle your books to maintain meticulous records of your property dealings and tax obligations.

Why should non-resident landlords in the UK engage professional accountants?

The property market in the UK is quite lucrative. However, non-resident landlords might face extreme confusion and unambiguity regarding the accounting and tax compliances in a foreign territory. As non-resident landlords in the UK, they can fare much better with the assistance of sagacious accounting pros. These tax and finance experts are well acquainted with the law of the land to help you make the right property decisions.

You can find guidance in complex aspects like non-resident landlord capital gain taxes, NRL schemes and double taxation relief. Trained professionals enable you to meet your compliances on time and keep HMRC penalties and enquiries at bay.

What is the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme?

It is a scheme that directs to letting agents, accountants, solicitors, or friends of the landlord, run this scheme by deducting specified tax rate amount while paying rent to non-resident landlords. This scheme also enables non-resident landlords to opt-out of the obligation to pay tax at the source of their rental income in the UK.

A non-resident landlord scheme (NRL) is a great way for non-resident property owners in the UK to optimise their overall tax liability by registering with NRLs. Usually, since the rental income derived from the UK property is sourced from within the British territory, it is taxable in the UK. However, qualified landlords under the non-resident landlord scheme can receive rental income from their letting agent or tenant without tax deduction.

The scheme even allows eligible non-resident landlords to claim a rebate for up to 4 preceding years related to the taxes already paid.

Why is Gatwick Accountant a top-notch option for doing accounting and tax returns for non-resident landlords?

Non-residents need a staunch and reliable assistance to address their tax and fiscal concerns in line with the compliances mandated by the British authorities. Gatwick accountant have emerged as the go-to name in Crawley and its adjoining areas for various monetary requisites of non-residents, including landlords.

Be it non-resident landlord capital gain tax matters or registration for the NRL scheme, we have the competency and expediency to deal with the essentials of renting out properties in the UK.


Most frequent questions and answers

A non-resident landlord refers to an individual or any other form of organization based abroad for at least six months in a year and receives rental earnings in the UK.

Non-residents who are EU or UK citizens can claim personal allowance against their rent income. However, non-EU citizens may or may not have the eligibility for personal allowances depending on the double taxation treaty agreement between their resident country and the UK.

Non-resident landlords are obliged to pay taxes on the real estates rented in the UK. However, they might be able to claim credit for the UK tax paid while filing for their income in their country of residence.

NRL 1 is an application form that a landlord has to share with the HMRC to gain official approval for the Non-resident Landlord scheme in the UK.

Letting agents are entities that help non-resident landlords in the administration of their rented properties in the UK and processing of their rental income to their required bank accounts.