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Are you an emerging entrepreneur working as a contractor, freelancer, or sole trader? You need to prioritise matters related to tax and accounting for self-employed individuals for a smoother business journey. Our firm can prove to be your reliable self-employed accountant!

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Crawley’s Best Tax Accountants For The Self-Employed


Stellar services that we deliver as your self-employed accountant!

We take our role as your self-employed accountant with total commitment and utmost diligence. You can expect a range of end-to-end finance and tax services with our organisation tuned to your specific demands. This service range encompasses deliverables like:

Bookkeeping is one of the core activities of any business venture. Our astute bookkeepers address the minutest of bookkeeping concerns with total precision.

After your financial year’s conclusion, the looming deadline to file your tax returns can be a source of immense stress. It is best to leave the hassle to a proficient accountant for a self-employed tax return.

There are various instances where self-employed individuals find themselves in complex fiscal situations. Expert advice from our Chartered Accountants can streamline such matters in no time.

Most business entities fear the arrival of the financial year-end, which involves a series of tasks from finalisation to the preparation of financial reports. Our self-employed accountants have the needed expertise to tackle the year-end mess efficiently.

Why should you consider hiring third-party professionals for your accounting of self-employed business?

Tasks like accounting and bookkeeping may seem simple to one’s casual eyes. However, even a slight laxity or inaccuracy in managing your books can instigate an outbreak of various problems. Small-scale business ventures can find it almost impossible to retain a team of professional accountants in-house. You should not compromise on the quality of your tax management and accounting tasks because of budget and time constraints. Expedient firms like Gatwick accountant offer a suite of financial services to accommodate your affordability and operational requirements.

What parameters can help you find good online accountants for the self-employed?

When shortlisting your go-to accountants for self-employed individuals, there are multiple aspects to ponder. Business owners must look for accountants with the credentials, experience, and infrastructure to manage their overall monetary matters. They must adhere to the required legal regulations and possess a good repertoire of satisfied clientele in the past. Apart from the above qualitative factors, you should also seek self-employed accountants who offer the necessary flexibility for the deliverable services in your outlined budget.

What makes Gatwick Accountant the best accountants for self-employed individuals?

Our team works to make your financial dreams work! Our organisation promises advanced accounting and tax services at the most competitive costs. We stand as the leading chartered accountants firm in Crawley and its surrounding regions and specialise in handling the fiscal concerns of startups and self-employed entities. Gatwick Accountant’s team functions with total transparency and accountability for addressing your tax and accounting operations. Our core team possesses experience spanning many years, adding to our overall trustability. We focus on your on-time work completion with uncompromised accuracy.


Most frequent questions and answers

One can register as a self-employed individual with the HMRC in the UK rather than opening a limited company. Minimal compliance and disclosure requirements must be followed as a registered self-employed entity in the UK.

The service charges widely vary with the amount of work involved. The hourly rate for basic accounting tasks starts from £25 to £30. Regular self-assessment tax returns cost around £150 to £250.

Before working as a self-employed entity in the UK, you should consider registering with the HMRC to pay taxes and national insurance contributions. There are some basic details and documents that you need to submit and you can complete your registration in no time. Take our expert support for more details regarding the registration process.

Many find it nerve-racking to entrust a third party to handle their financial affairs, especially someone offering services through virtual channels. However, Gatwick Accountant maintains total reliability and upholds the highest work ethics while serving as your online accountants for the self-employed.

A distinct tax return form is available for sole traders or self-employed individuals who can file with the HMRC online or on paper by post physically. You might also need to use commercial tax software for the filing procedure. Gatwick accountant for self-employed can further support you in the entire filing process